All the techniques implemented in the MicroFab platform are installed in a clean room in the LIPhy laboratory. It is ISO 8 cleanliness (class 100 000) and has ISO 5 laminar flow (class 100). The proposed techniques are: photolithography and molding of microfluidic circuits.


The equipment used for photolithography is :
  • spincoater TP6000 from Karl Süss with speeds up to 4000 RPM
  • programmable hot plate with temperature ramp from Harry Gestigkeit and its PR5 SR programmer which allows to reach a temperature of 200°C
  • MJB3 alignment masker from Karl Süss with a maximum plate size of 3 inches
  • chemistry fume cupboard for resin development
  • direct laser photolithography machine DILASE 250

We offer deposited SU8 resin thicknesses ranging from a few microns to 400 microns from Gersteltec resins (type 1040, 1060, 1070, 1075)
For the molding of microfluidic circuits, we are equipped with a Harrick Plasma cleaning machine which allows us to prepare for bonding wafers up to 4 inches in size. In order to finalize the microfluidic chips we have an oven used for the cross-linking of PDMS and its annealing.