Created in 2007, the microFab technical platform is a general service of the Laboratory which proposes the fabrication of molds for the development of 2D circuits in PDMS, usable in particular in microfluidics.
This platform is accessible to any user of LIPHY, but also to any other public or private research laboratory.

Manufacturing of PDMS microfluidic circuits

The fabrication of PDMS microfluidic circuits is an important part of the microFab activity, because the internal demand at LIPhy is strong. This part of the work is ensured by Danièle CENTANNI, who manages the operation of the clean room located in room 132 of the laboratory.

Technical means of the platform

All the techniques implemented in the MicroFab platform are installed in a clean room in the LIPhy laboratory. It is ISO 8 cleanliness (class 100 000) and has ISO 5 laminar flow (class 100). The proposed techniques are: photolithography and molding of microfluidic circuits.

Resource reservation

To reserve slots in the clean room, please contact Danièle Centanni