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Networks and Collaborations

LIPhy participates in the animation and dissemination of scientific results at different scales. In addition to the animation of seminars in the laboratory and the activities of technological transferts, the animation passes by various types of implications listed below.

Research federations (RF) bring together all or part of the research or service structures of the CNRS and other organizations in order to coordinate their scientific activities and to pool all or part of their resources. The research groups (GDR) are structures created for five years and renewable once. International Research Projects (IRP) are collaborative research projects established between one or more CNRS laboratories and laboratories in one or two foreign countries. These CNRS tools have the common objective of promoting exchanges between scientists, academic partners, companies and other stakeholders.

LabEx (Laboratory of Excellence) aim to provide significant resources to research units with international visibility.

Submitted on February 12, 2024

Updated on February 22, 2024