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Environmental Commitment

The laboratory is actively developing initiatives to measure and reduce its environmental footprint.

In practice, it relies on an environmental footprint committee created at the beginning of 2022, itself the result of spontaneous working groups within the laboratory.
The laboratory has undertaken to launch physical measurement campaigns as a pilot project:

  • Balance of greenhouse gases emitted by the lab, since 2019. This assessment is based on the online tool GES 1POINT5 developed by the Labos1point5 collective, recommended by the CNRS.
  • Local electrical measurements. These measurements aim to identify devices whose consumption could be reduced.
  • Temperature monitoring. This campaign of measurements in different places of the lab, will allow us to quantify the feelings, and our dependence to the outside temperature in summer, and the efficiency of the heating in winter.

And here are some of the first steps taken:

  • Management support for the creation of the environmental footprint committee
  • Raising awareness of digital sobriety by increasing the life span of devices and implementing tools to manage email attachments
  • Setting up a home-made worm compost, a sorting garbage can, stopping the use of metal pods for coffee, vigilance on the reception of numerous paper catalogs
  • The lab participates in the improvement of its immediate environment, with the creation of square gardens at the foot of the lab producing aromatic herbs, flowers, and red fruits.


Submitted on February 13, 2024

Updated on February 13, 2024