The fabrication of PDMS microfluidic circuits is an important part of the microFab activity, because the internal demand at LIPhy is strong. This part of the work is ensured by Danièle CENTANNI, who manages the operation of the clean room located in room 132 of the laboratory.
She is in charge of the whole manufacturing chain of these micro-devices, after definition with the applicant. The main steps in the manufacturing of an impression are :
  • shaping of the mask representing the circuit
  • deposition of the photosensitive resin on a 3" silicon plate
  • UV exposure and revelation of the circuit imprint
This step can be done in two ways: exposure through a mask, or direct laser writing, using a device purchased in 2019 (Dilase by Kloé) and if the applicant wants a finished product...
  • molding of PDMS on this impression
  • gluing on glass slide
  • installation of the fluidic connection

Below is an example of a SU8 mold before molding with PDMS resin (SU8 thickness of 140microns)