Impact of evaporation on foam films and bubbles stability

on the 13 June 2022
Emmanuelle Rio (LPS, Université Paris-Saclay)
The stability of soapy objects such as films, bubbles and foams has been studied widely because of the numerous applications concerning food industry, climate prediction or artistic utilization of giant bubbles.
It has been demonstrated that their stability is primarily affected by the thinning dynamics of the thin soap films. The drainage dynamics, which is the capillary or gravity driven flow in the liquid film has been widely investigated [1]. However, more recently, researchers also became interested in the influence of evaporation on these thinning dynamics [2 3].
In this seminar, I will show that, to describe bubble stability, evaporation must be taken into account as soon as the films are thin enough [4]. We will see that the bubble lifetime can be predicted by taking into account both the drainage and the evaporation to describe the thinning dynamics [2] and that this is all the more important concerning the stability of giant soap films. I will also esquisse some hypothesis concerning the influence of physical chemistry on the film thinning and evaporation

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