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Erythrocyte aggregates dynamics under pathophysiological conditions

Thesis defence

On December 19, 2022

globule rouge

Mehdi Abbasi

The formation of red blood cells (RBCs) aggregates is due to plasma proteins (e.g. fibrinogen), but several other factors may affect the aggregation processes such as (i) physical properties of RBCs (like mechanical properties) (ii) a structural alteration (example: glycoproteins) of the surface of RBCs, (iii) the internal composition of RBCs (like in malaria), etc... This thesis aim is to contribute to the understanding of dynamics and rheology of RBC aggregates. We adopted 2D vesicle and 3D capsule model to mimic RBCs. In addition to simulations, we carried out microfluidic experiments. The main goal of this thesis is to invetigates more deeply RBC-RBC aggregates dynamics and rheology, as well overall as transport propreties (like global RBCs flux) in the presence of RBC aggregates. We also paied a special experiemental attention to the role of glycocalyx cleavage (to mimic diseases) in RBCs aggregates stability.

Jury :
Marc Leonetti, Stephan Gekle, Christian Wagner, Philippe Peyla


On December 19, 2022
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LIPhy, salle de conférence

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