The design office is a general service managed by Jérôme GIRAUD, where work is free for all the research teams of the laboratory. It is also accessible to external services for a cost of 8 €/hour.
This service deals with mechanical design and calculations.

Mechanical design:

After collecting the specifications and validating them with the scientists concerned, the design office builds all the parts and carries out the assembly using the CAD software "SolidWorks", in order to present the digital model of the project. Then comes the drafting part of the "study plans" file: nomenclature, overall plans and definition plans. After a final check with the scientists, the design office sends the file to the various mechanical workshops, takes charge of its manufacture and participates in the assembly and adjustment of the project.


The calculations are essentially of two types:
  • Static
  • Kinematics and dynamics
The static structural analysis (linear or non-linear) is developed by the finite element software "CosmosWorks". The results are of the type: displacement, stress or safety factor of the parts inside a mechanism.