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Science Festival at the Arboretum, as seen by M1 Communication and Scientific Culture students


On November 23, 2023

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The M1 CCST is back to cover this year's Fête de la science 2023!

That's right, from October 6 to 16 we've been diligently following the many activities and events on this year's program.
Where there's science, there's labs, and that's where the Backstage Labs team comes in! Louna Briand, Fabio Croce, Audrey Le Borgne, Jeanne Nurizzo and myself, Juliette Robert-Soriano, were able to take part in the open doors of the laboratories based on the Saint-Martin-D'Hères campus. As budding communicators, we did our best to convey this adventure in an interesting and attractive way.



On November 23, 2023


Bonsoooiirr nous avons terminé notre craft book ! Il comprend des explications au sujet de nos visites et des présentations des laboratoires. #Coulissesdeslabos #CSTgre #FDS2023
Je vous laisse le découvrir ⬇️⬇️

— Audrey LB (@AudreyLeBorgne_) November 8, 2023

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