M2Bio is an experimental platform that accompanies you in the realization of your research projects requiring skills in molecular biology and / or microbiology (especially for phage display).
This service is open to LIPhy teams but also to external laboratories (consult us).

You will have access to the classical techniques :

  • PCR
  • DNA cloning
  • Transformation and bacterial culture
  • Production and extraction of plasmids
  • Electrophoresis (agarose, SDS-PAGE)
  • Dot blot, western blot, ELISA...

but also to a tailor-made accompaniment, according to your objective, in particular if your project requires more specific techniques:   

  • Custom plasmid construction
  • Modification of the E. Coli genome
  • Insertion of reporter genes
  • Fluorescence and optical density monitoring of bacterial cultures
  • Use of M13 bacteriophages
  • Phage display (ScFv or vH antibody libraries, peptides)
  • Optimization of phage display screening according to targets (DNA, proteins, chemical molecules, polymers...)
  • Evaluation of the specificity of hits...
We are members of the Bacteriophage France Network : https://site.phages.fr