The statistical physics of systems forced into a non-equilibrium stationary state (by a conservative force, vibrations, local energy injection) remains an essentially open and debated topic.
The contributions of the team in this field are of two types. On the one hand, we implement detailed studies of specific classes of models, in particular models of displaced interfaces in a disordered medium, and models of active particles in interaction. On the other hand, the team has contributed to the development of generic methodological tools and relevant concepts to describe non-equilibrium systems, mainly in the framework of large deviations theory (current statistics, definition of a non-equilibrium chemical potential) and of the path integral formalism (representation of Langevin equations with multiplicative noise in field theory).
  • Interfaces in disordered media (V. LECOMTE)
  • Methods for non-equilibrium statistical physics (large deviations, path integrals, ...) (V. LECOMTE, Éric BERTIN)
  • Non-equilibrium thermodynamics of forced systems (Éric BERTIN, V. LECOMTE)
  • Order emergence in dry active matter (Éric BERTIN)