The aim is to solve fundamental questions in biology with multidisciplinary approaches. New techniques and methodological tools are developed and applied to understand the functioning of cells or the functions of a tissue. Ranging from X-ray scattering to advanced optical techniques, the contrasts sought can be aimed at nanometric structure or molecular information in living cells.

  • Ultrastructural study of mineralized tissue (A. Gourrier GOURRIER )
  • Prototype of high precision optical thickness (A. Gourrier GOURRIER )
  • High speed imaging of neurons (M. CANEPARI)
  • Integrated technologies to study the physiological synergy of neuronal ion channels (M. CANEPARI)
  • Quantitative FRET measurements in living cells, applications to biosensors (A. DUPONT)
  • Fluorescence fluctuation microscopy applied to cells and tissues (A. DELON)