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Spatio-temporal dynamics of microvascular networks

on the 15 November 2022
In the microcirculation, blood flows through a complex network of capillaries where the coupling between the local rheology and phase separation at bifurcations of the network is known to lead to strong heterogeneities of the red blood cell distribution.
Theoretical predictions supported by preliminary experiments reveal the possibility of multiple solutions and oscillatory states for the distribution of particle concentrations and flow velocities in the different branches, even for relatively simple network geometries. In collaboration with theoreticians (Olin College and Babson College, MA, USA), we propose to experimentally investigate the spatio-temporal dynamics of suspension flows in microfluidic networks with a focus on blood flows in model networks of capillaries. Carefully designed microfluidic systems will be used to perform a systematic experimental investigation of the flow of red blood cell suspensions in simple, symmetric networks that have proven to be prone to multistability and symmetry breaking.


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Mis à jour le 15 November 2022