Research Topics : 

The team Mechanics of Cells in Complex Environments (MC2) conducts interdisciplinary research at the interface between mechanics, physics and life sciences. The experimental, theoretical and numerical skills of the team allow to address different complex systems, biological or bioinspired, at different scales:
  • Mechanics and dynamics of capsules, eukaryotic cells and subcellular structures, tissues, biofilms
  • Cell-surface and cell-matrix interactions
  • Biological and biomimetic fluid dynamics
  • Motility in complex environments
  • Growth and morphogenesis
  • Non-linear dynamics and cell signaling 

Research Tools :

The research is based on various experimental tools including
  • cell culture and biological sample preparation
  • microfluidics
  • advanced techniques in microscopy and mechanical characterization of complex media (AFM, TFM, confocal microscopy, rheometry).

On the theoretical side, we develop data-driven models as well as minimal mechanistic models. The model analysis is based on analytical tools, comprehensive numerical simulations and parameter continuation techniques.

Scientific Network :

The team is strongly involved in the LabEx Tec21 as well as the federation of mechanics Fed 3G.  It is also attached to the GDRs MFA, AQV, ISM, MNF, and Mécabio-Santé and relies on collaborations with biologists.