Affiche summer scholl Cargèse 2022
Affiche summer scholl Cargèse 2022


Summer School Cargèse, Corsica Island, France : Sept. 26-Oct. 7, 2020+2 Active Complex Matter
In the process of knowledge production, meetings between researchers are crucial. Whether they take the form of schools for doctoral students and young researchers, workshops bringing together specialists in a given field, or conferences with a more or less broad thematic spectrum, they all contribute to advancing research.

Topics :

  • Swimming and motility of micro-organisms
  • Collective dynamics of micro-swimmers and active colloids
  • Cell crawling and collective cell migration
  • Amoeboid swimming
  • Active nematics
  • Active particles in complex and crowded media

Lecturers : 

  • Chase Broedersz (Germany)
  • Cécile Cottin-Bizonne (France)
  • Peter Friedl (NL)
  • Ramin Golestanian (Germany)
  • Cristina Marchetti (USA)
  • Wilson Poon (UK)
  • David Saintillan (USA)
  • Thomas Speck (Germany)
  • Walter Zimmermann (Germany)
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